Zepp Labs 3D Personal Tennis Swing Analyzer

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Track and improve your game stroke by stroke with this highly valuable data!

Zepp Tennis Swing Analyser is a revolutionary motion-sensor training system and app that helps you analyse and improve your tennis technique. Attaching easily to any tennis racket, the analyser wirelessly sends data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so you can see your swing in 3D from any angle.

Track and measure shot type
Track the amount of forehands, backhands, serves and smashes you hit, including the power you generate with each stroke or over the course of a whole game. You can also measure how many topspin, slice and flat shots you hit by shot type and record the amount of time you spend active on the court.

Analyse and improve your game
Using the Analyser, you can now review real-time analysis of your matches on your smartphone or tablet. Use the Zepp Tennis app to track your movements, compare and share your data with others and get helpful tips to improve your game.

◾Track shot type, power, spin and total court time and active time
◾Compare and share your swing data with others
◾Track your progress over time
◾Zepp sensor also works with Zepp Golf app (glove mount required)
◾Sensor attaches to any tennis racket
◾iPhone NOT included.

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